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It has been quite a journey to adopt plant base whole food, Being Indian, my food primarily has 3 things "Daal, Roti and Sabji" ie lentils, Indian wholewheat flattened chapati and vegetables all cooked in Indian style, most delicious and nourishing I can't live without. The transition to the west style of WFPB was a difficult one. So I turned my Indian food by cooking with least oil, with all the necessary spices and it is helping me a great deal .... I am diabetic type 2, for the reason I turned vegetarian. Now I love making plant base dishes western style too and I enjoy it thoroughly.

I live in UK with my husband, go to India every year to spend time with my most loving sisters, nieces and nephews. My parents are in the spiritual world and all the knowledge about food, the inspiration to eat healthy has come from them. My dad used to takes us all 5 brothers and sisters to yoga centre since I was barely 5yrs old.

It is 6yrs since I decided to quit all animal food, the tradition came by reprogramming my mind, listening to videos, podcast, reading books by doctors specially Dr Neal Bernard, my hero, and I lost 16 Kg which gave me so much inspiration and I am still very grateful to him for writing the on scientifically proven method of reversing diabetes.

Now gradually it has become a way of life for me now, I am getting a hang of cooking and understanding how to modify my dishes and enjoy them. I have so much of energy, not a dull moment now. I am confident now that I will reverse my diabetes now.

My good wishes all of those going plant based, by listening, understanding the importance of diff. fruits vegetables and beans etc, through these foods how our body heals itself.

I know I have shared quite a bit, hope thats fine.

Thank you.


Ninni Mattoo

Ninni Mattoo

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