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Mara van Fleet, NY

Plant Yourself Healthy is a wonderful program that teaches you how to start eating with a plant-based lifestyle. This program introduces you to the knowledge behind plant-based eating, setting goals, planning meals, how to shop for the food you need, and delicious recipes.

Even if you have already immersed yourself into the plant-based world, this program will show you how to plan your weekly meals with batch cooking, and also introduce you to some little-known tasty extras, like sauces, dips condiments, and spices! Plus there will most likely be many recipes that you have not tried yet.

I would highly recommend Plant Yourself Healthy!

Mara Van Fleet is a bestselling children’s author and illustrator from New York

Image by Markus Spiske

Ying Su, NY

"Plant Yourself Healthy has been a tremendous lifesaver for me, I cannot thank them enough! Years of debilitating systemic lupus, kidney failure, and eventual transplant, depression/anxiety, procedures like open-heart surgery, have left me depleted of energy. Since I've been on a plant-based diet, I've felt more ALIVE! The diet gives me a lot more energy; many of my daily symptoms have subsided dramatically like arthritis. I've also lost a substantial amount of weight, which I have gained a lot post kidney transplant due to daily steroids. I highly recommend Plant Yourself Healthy- "be prepared to see and feel the quick changes"?

Citrus Fruits

Kathryn Din, NY

I had just finished the Plant Yourself Healthy Course a few weeks ago and gained lots of information. For anyone thinking of starting a whole foods plant-based diet who does not know where to begin, Kelly's and Florence's classes are an excellent way to start. Most of us need some guidance and have questions.


The classes lay the foundation of how to begin, how to shop, how to read labels, how to cook simple plant-based meals, etc., etc. A bonus was the plant-based recipes we received after our classes. This course can help anyone achieve his or her goals.


Kelly and Florence motivate you to take the steps to begin or to advance your health journey. The founders were on their own health journeys which led them to begin these classes. The classes refreshed some of the knowledge I had acquired and also provided new information for me to continue with my health goals.


I highly recommend their classes if you have been contemplating how to start on your healthy lifestyle!

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